How To Prevent Radon in Basement

by | Dec 22, 2022

How To Reduce And Prevent Radon Gas From Getting Into Your Basement

Basement Radon Prevention

As we shared in our previous post,  How To Reduce Radon Gas, radon is found everywhere and there are ways to reduce it in your home. However if you tried the DIY reduction methods and still have elevated levels in your finished basement, don’t panic. Here are some preventative ways from allowing radon to get into your basement.

Radon Mitigation For Finished Basements

Sub-slab depressurization is the most straightforward and affordable method. Although not all homes are well-sealed, most newer houses will have a liquid barrier under the slab. However, some homes won’t have any, although concrete in decent condition will provide sufficient air resistance to limit radon.

An experienced contractor will test the concrete floor from opposite sides. Next, he or she will install a vacuum and measure air flow in both. The fan will exhaust to the outside if the slab has sufficient air movement.

By putting an additional slab, you are creating an air-sealed cavity in which radon can accumulate and is removed. The ridged layer can also be made from EPS insulation and have voids below for air to circulate. In the EPS layer, a hole of five inches is created. Then, a framing flange (or radon stack) can be attached. The concrete layer that is left over is sealed is replaced with a fresh layer.

A ceiling membrane can be combined with the HRV. This will ensure that no radon-rich water is introduced to the upper floors. Radiant gas exposure can lead to long-term health issues. Therefore, long-term basement use is not a problem. Going down to do laundry or put in laundry will not make you sick.

A Radon Detector

Radostat is radon sensor that can also be used to detect radon in basements. This radostat acts as a continuously-operating radon detector. If levels go beyond the safe limit, it activates the HRV or the ERV system and shuts off the system once normal levels have been reached. The basement can be left under pressurization by an HVAC professional, which keeps the radon out of the ground.

At this moment we do not have radon mitigation companies that we can recommend. But we are doing our best to find a reliable professional to work with our clients. When we finish our due diligence we will forward our recommendation here. In the mean time we highly recommend you test your home to verify your safe radon levels.

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