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A basement reno is not often something you tackle first, but a renovated downstairs can become a favourite area of the home. A basement often houses our favorite activities, such as playrooms, home theatres, and gyms.

We can help you make your basement the favorite space in your home. With the  variety of renovation services we offer you can get a bigger home without having to move.

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Gym In Basement
Bathroom In Basement

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Most homeowners see their basements as extensions of their main living spaces.  However they can be overlooked or underutilized as  your main living space. Our team can turn any space unfinished into a cozy rental or additional room for guests while they are visiting!

We aim to make Brampton homes more valuable by providing quality renovations. Downstairs are a great place to remodel. There are many options. It could be used as an entertainment space, home office or bedroom, with its own bathroom. You can even turn it into a gym. There are many options available. At Basement Contractors Brampton our passion is creating basements that are perfect for you.

These are the steps for renovating a basement

It’s time to finish the basement renovation and transform it into the space you dreamed about. Planning the renovation is just as crucial as the actual work. The quality of the finished result as well as our experience throughout the whole process will be determined. We have some ideas to help with basement renovation planning.


It’s important to think about the practicalities and how your basement will look in the future. We can help with waterproofing to fix moisture issues in basements. Other things to consider include ventilation, insulation and heating/cooling as well subflooring.


You have your plans for making the basement livable. Now it’s time you decide exactly what you would like to do. You can use it as an office space or an area for entertaining. The space should have all of the amenities that you want. To add a bathroom, you may need to replace the existing plumbing.


You should consult an expert before finalizing your basement design. For the basement to remain intact, it is necessary that you have the proper supports. Supports should be considered in any design. To achieve an open-concept design, you may have to change this.


Now comes the fun part! You should work with an expert who will be able to help you locate unusual materials, and even show you some features you haven’t considered. We can assist you in narrowing down your choices based upon the style that appeals to you.


Now all that is left is to plan your basement renovation in Brampton. We will clearly communicate the projects start date, major renovation landmarks and completion date.  We will also keep you aware of any possible delays and the back up plans we have if things take longer than expected.


Your needs and desires will dictate how you plan your space. Open floor plans are best.

  • Set your budget. Remember that basement renovation can run from $35 to $55 per square feet.
  • Conduct a moisture testing.
  • Get detailed floor plans.
  • Decide if you need a walkout or egress windows.
  • Get permits. Legal  renovations require a permit.
  • Insulate.
  • Install the plumbing system and electric system.
  • Framing and drywall are to be installed
  • You can paint. Choose light colours for a visually bigger space.
  • Install flooring. Tiles or laminate are great choices.
  • Ceilings can be used to hide exposed pipes or open beams.

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Renovations Services


You might be thinking of adding an additional bedroom to accommodate your growing family.


Your walkout could be converted into a rental unit for additional income.


Although the cost of adding a bathroom to a property may seem higher at first, it can be a valuable investment.


One reason to consider a kitchen renovation is the convenience that you won’t need to walk to the main floor each time you desire a snack or dinner.

Walkout/Side Entrance

Walkouts have separate windows and doors, which makes them ideal for your children’s older siblings. 


It is possible to turn a unused downstairs area into a comfortable living area where you can entertain friends and family

Gym/Workout room

You should make your downstairs home gym a fun place to exercise. Uninviting or cluttered spaces will make it harder for you to use.

Custom Bar

It doesn’t matter if you want to create an eye-catching space, or set up a bar that has all the modern amenities.

Home Theatre

Recently, entertainment rooms and movie theatres have been in great demand. These rooms are a delight to host guests in and can increase the house’s resale values.

A reno is a fantastic way to increase the value of your house

A basement renovation can bring about an increase in property value. If you plan to sell your house in the future, a renovated area will increase its resale price. It can also provide additional living space and storage, as well as a source of income for homeowners. You can transform your downstairs into any room you want, such as an additional bedroom, home theater room, home gym, or wine cellar. You can also rent it out by making it a second bedroom for 75 percent of your monthly mortgage. This can provide a great source of income.

Or a walkout with a completely separate space with separate doors and windows. This makes it an ideal place for older kids to live. For additional income, you could turn it into an apartment rental.

There are many options for the best basement renovation in Brampton

Pool Table In Basement

A basement is a great place to relax and unwind from all the noises of your main home. The rec room can be used to store extra storage, install a pool table, or for any other purpose.

Your downstairs could be your perfect space for work. Your lower level will be transformed into a peaceful and quiet working space.

How about relaxing in a sauna after a hard day. We ensure that the sauna is renovated in the most suitable location. Our expertise will allow you to choose from any sauna type. For guaranteed success, we will assist you in making all of the necessary considerations.

Any basement can be configured to suit your needs

Modern Basement Renovation
Basement Reno

Our team is skilled at designing high-quality, beautiful spaces you will be proud of. Everything from framing and finishing touches is handled by us.

Many clients have turned their basements into living areas, second kitchens, and games rooms with our company. Our rates are very competitive and there is no hidden fee. We also have a simple technology which provides accurate estimates in minutes.

Is there a difference between renovating and finishing?

Short answer: YES. There are differences between renovating and finishing your basement
A remodel involves the modification of its structure and functionality. A  reno involves larger projects such as removing walls or creating functional spaces. You are choosing to transform your entire basement. You can convert it to multiple rooms or create a separate space that has a bathroom and kitchen.

Basement finishing, on the other side, is the last step in the remodeling process that converts the space into a living area. Finishing refers to the process of making the new space habitable. To be considered finished, your downstairs must be a living space with electricity and plumbing

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No matter whether you are looking to design a high-visibility room or an area that offers all of the conveniences, we will help ensure your space fulfills both aesthetic and functional requirements. You can trust us to design and renovate your downstairs into a place where you love living.