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What’s An Egress Window?

An egress window looks like a normal large window but can open to permit a building’s residents to flee in an emergency like a house burning. All finished basements must have these types of windows installed before it is legal to use as living spaces, unless that room has a walkout or separate entrance.

These windows can be opened easily from the inside, without the need for keys or tools. These types of windows are required by the Ontario Building Code in all bedrooms of suites to provide an exit point in case of fire, or any other emergency.

They have many other benefits than their main escape function. They can increase natural light and ventilation to your downstairs. They can be fitted with attractive interior trim, which enhances the which enhances the appearance of your living area.

legal basement window size

Brampton homeowners should be well aware of the requirements for windows in all bedrooms and basements. To be certified as an egress window, one has to meet certain criteria, such as the minimum size for the basement.


  • Without the use of tools, you can open from the inside.
  • Minimum opening area must be 0.35m2(3.77 feet2).
  • Minimum 380mm(15 inches) in each dimension
  • You must be open to receive any additional support.
  • Except in basements, the sill height for windows cannot exceed 1 m.
  • A sliding window requires that the open area of the glass must not exceed 0.35m2(3.77feet2).

What is a window well?

Certain requirements must be met for the area immediately outside of an egress window’s open. A window that is installed below the ground (also called “below grade”) will need a “window well.”

Window wells are rectangular shields or semi-circles that fit inside the ground around a basement window. These wells are constructed of polyethylene or galvanized steel and have flanges that attach to the foundation. They are used to protect windows from water damage and dirt. They also must have a larger depth than normal wells to allow residents an area to escape. 

Installation Process

Cutting and moving windows to allow for escape require some effort. But the entire process should be smooth. You can be assured, from the planning stage to completion of installation, that our process will guide you.

Assessment – We want to get to know your vision before we can start the project. We listen and then map the details of the project.

Scheduling – Once all the necessary items are in place, we’ll coordinate with you to arrange a time and date for installation. We will work with you to ensure that the installation does not disrupt your day.

Installation – We will be there at the appointed time, usually early in the morning. To protect the flooring and furniture, we place a cover on it.

Final touches and cleanup – Although this is an important part, many businesses overlook it. Installers often forget to pay attention to the details, such as making sure sealant has been applied and that the windows are sealed. As the best basement contractors in Brampton, the finishing touches are what we pay extra attention to. We know that service calls can be a pain for you as well. That is why we make it a priority to get the job done right.

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