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You need to be able to work with a renovator who will meet your expectations and your financial budget. Our team has experience
in various remodeling projects. This means that you will get excellent, affordable results no matter how big or small.

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What Are We Capable Of Doing?

We offer our clients a variety of services. They include small repairs to large-scale renovations. Our goal is customer satisfaction for every job we do! We have a dedicated team that provides exceptional customer service.

Why Hire Basement Contractors Brampton? 

There are many ways to use your downstairs space. To renovate your area you should have a professional who can install the proper flooring, lighting and waterproofing. We can transform your downstairs into a gym, home theatre, bar, playroom or sauna. It also has the potential to become an apartment or an extra bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Our remodeling contractors have the skills necessary to complete your reno. They will give you the same level of attention, exceptional craftsmanship, and high quality service that you deserve. And, unlike many contractors, our company’s sales team are not there to sweet talk or upsell customers. All sales representatives have training in the estimation of building codes and designs.

How Big Is Your Reno Project

Brampton Basement Contractor

When renovating  the most important thing to think about is its size. You will need more material and time to install a larger area. Don’t worry! You can rest assured that our team is very familiar with the subject and that your project will be completed in a matter of weeks.

You might be interested in a brand new kitchen or bathroom worktop. You got it. We will work with you to make sure that it looks stunning. Our strong work ethic and focus on customer satisfaction has allowed us to be the best basement renovators Brampton residents have come to trust us to provide quality finishing touches.

How Long Does A Project Take To Complete?

Before & After Basement
Before & After Basement

Like any other renovation, how long it takes to remodel will depend on the size of the project and the amount of work needed. It takes on average six to ten week to complete.

Turnkey basement remodeling includes the removal of floors and walls and the installation of new flooring and walls. Cabinets are also available for purchase and appropriate furnishings.

Our team can transform an unattractive downstairs into a living space where family and friends can enjoy time together. You can trust that our team of skilled builders and designers will consider your requirements.

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Why Work With Us?

Fully Licensed & Insured

Fully Licensed & Insured

Each of our insured and licensed contractors is a dedicated professional. Residential basement renovations are our specialty. Our company has years of industry experience and is committed 100% to customer satisfaction.

Quality Material & Workmanship

The Highest Quality Materials

Basement Contractors Brampton is aware of the importance quality plays in renovating. We use only high quality materials for your downstairs reno. 

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

We are known for our exceptional customer service, which is what sets us apart among other contractors. We will make every effort to ensure you’re satisfied with the final product.

Our Services

Perhaps you are thinking about adding another bedroom to your home.  Maybe you simply need more space to entertain guests.  We can help you with whatever your requirements are.

Perhaps you’re thinking of ways to increase your home’s value.  The square footage in a basement is not what appraisers or realtors will consider.  Instead, they’ll look at the area of a walkout. Appraisers and realtors can give you a better value by including the square footage of your walkout.  Your home’s value can be further increased by having an apartment that provides additional income.

There are many options for utilizing the downstair space in your home if it is not finished.  The most popular home improvement is to finish your downstairs which  can bring many benefits for homeowners.

Finishing basements are our specialty.  Our industry-leading solutions transform basements into living spaces.  Our finishing services are top-notch and affordable.

A unit called a “second unit” is an independent, self-contained residence located within a home. This unit could be anywhere in the house including the basement. Affordable housing in the city can be offered through second units.

An additional unit is illegal unless it’s registered with the City. Permits are required . Any work must also have been approved and checked by the City. These policies help make units safe and livable.

Get a professionally designed area that stands out to top-tier tenants while adhering to legal guidelines. Our team will provide you with an estimate tailored around your current setup, materials used and the scope of structural work required.

Brampton allows second-units in townhouses, semi-detached, and detached dwellings. The registration of a second unit  is an one-time procedure that makes the home safe for both residents. The second unit must be registered with the city.

Our experience shows that the main reason people have egress windows installed to make their basement a properly registered living space. Bampton is home to many families who want to build an apartment for tenants or their children and in-laws. A downstairs should have an easy escape path in the event of an emergency.

Side Entrance

City of Brampton needs a clear pathway of travel of 1.2m (4ft) to access a separate side door or rear yard entry into the basement. This allows safe access/exit to the second suite and provides emergency access for Brampton’s emergency services.

We can do basement side entrance, below grade and above grade entrances, garage entrance and side doors.

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We understand that a remodeling your downstairs is an expensive investment. You want a creative and quality contractor. We strive to provide exceptional service and competitive pricing – something that is often difficult to find.  That is why we provide fully adaptable designs and thorough craftsmanship to meet your requirements while providing exceptional value.