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Do I need a permit for my reno?

We have a team of  professionals who will assist you in determining whether or not a permit should be obtained.

You might need one if your renovation involves:

  • Modifications of the plumbing system, heat and insulation
  • Material or structural modifications
  • Suites available in additional rooms
  • Construction or excavation of foundations
  • Basement underpinning
  • Construction of a basement entry

The following conditions are exempted from the requirement for a basement remodeling permit:

  • This basement will not be used for additional living spaces or a second residence.
  • Renovating does not include structural or material modifications
  • It doesn’t include new plumbing.

The Brampton residential building permit page will help you determine if your basement renovation requires one. If you are unsure our experts in renovations can help.

Basement Finish Permit

If you are not using your downstairs for a second residence unit then you may still require a basement finish permit.

You will have to certify that the finished basement will not be used for a separate dwelling or independent residence.

Change Of Use For Second Residence Unit

The application to obtain a CHANGE OF USE building permit must be completed.

Detailed drawings showing the Basement Site Plan & Water Pipe Size- Plumbing Datasheet. Include measurements of your driveway, location of Ac units and window wells.

There is a $200 fee to register the owner-occupied dwelling.

Plus $1061.21 to obtain a Change of Use building permit.

After completing the application, submit it with all required documentation to city hall.

After reviewing it, the city will issue a building permit. Then you are allowed to begin construction on the second unit.

After each stage, city inspectors will inspect the building.

Occupancy and Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Inspection

After each stage, city inspectors will inspect the building.

The Electrical Safety Authority may require a separate permit for new or existing electrical work. The city will issue you an occupancy permit after the inspection is complete.


Check The Status of Your Permit

Steps To Check Permit Status


  1. Check the status of your permit and inspections
  2. Search for your address in the top right corner
  3. Click the property on the map with the blue dot to bring up the Property Report
  4. Click the arrow on the Property Report beside Permits
  5. Click a plus sign to expand permit information
  6. Information will be displayed to indicate Plans Review and Inspections statuses

Follow the instructions to find out your status.


Different Fees 

Listed Below are some of the fees that you may need to pay for permits and inspections. 

  1. Basement Finish Permit $291.83
  2.  Register the owner-occupied dwelling non-refundable deposit $200
  3. Change of Use building Permit $1061.21
  4. Fire Service Inspection $450 +HST
  5. Occupancy Permit – If the owner is living in the house $500
  6. Occupancy Permit – if the owner is not living in the house $1000

These are some of the main fees associated with basement renovtions in Brampton.  Visit Brampton Building Permit Fee Schedule to see the full list 


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