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Do you have an unfinished lower level thats just begging for some TLC? Unfinished basements may seem intimidating at first, with their exposed pipes, small windows, and cold concrete floors, but they can actually be great spaces for storage, laundry facilities, and more! However with some effort, you can transform your unfinished downstairs into a functional and inviting space.

There are many options for utilizing the downstairs space in your home if it is not finished. One of the most popular home improvements is to finish a basement

If you’re looking to transform your basement into a cozy, inviting space, then you’ll want to consider recessed lighting. t it also creates an ambient atmosphere that will make you feel relaxed when you’re lounging downstairs. Plus, you can use your finished basement as a living area or even a bedroom!

We can turn a huge unfinished downstairs into a desirable and usable space. A finished area that can be a lively, comfortable place for leisure, work, or with family. While paying careful attention to zoning rules and building codes.

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Brampton Basement Flooring Options

Are you finishing your downstairs and wondering what the best flooring option is? With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your lower level. The most important factor to consider is water resistance, as basements are prone to flooding and leaking.

We know that you don’t want to have to replace your flooring every time there is an event like a sump pump overflow, pipe burst, or washing machine overflow, so we have gathered the best flooring options that can withstand the humidity and moisture of your basement. 

Downstairs that have traditional materials such as drywall or wood will not withstand humidity and moisture. Our finishing products are durable and can withstand moisture.

There are several options for flooring, including laminate, engineered tiles, rubber and ceramic tile. Depending on the purpose of your downstairs, you can choose any flooring that suits your needs. If you plan to build a kitchen and bathroom, ceramic tiles will be a good choice. Ceramic tiles can be cleaned easily and they are resistant to water damage.

Respecting building codes, following proper procedures and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction are our guarantees. 


Our Refinishing Services

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Newly renovated spaces can be plagued by hidden issues. This is why pre-construction evaluations are so important. To begin with, we identify and assess the potential issues. They are repaired and then we proceed with the main project according to the plans.

Our refinishing services will make your previously unfinished downstairs into a more attractive, functional, and comfortable living area. Refinishing involves updating any basements that have been previously completed and may have experienced moisture or water damage.

Although you may have completed a  remodel, it is possible to make your downstairs even more appealing. Our refinishing specialists can transform any space into an inviting living area. All we need are your desires and we will get to work building your vision.


Our company is customer-oriented, meaning that we will always meet your expectations. As a Brampton basement contractor, our goal is to help you realize your remodeling desires. You will enjoy the most enjoyable experience, from the initial consultation to the last cleanup after we have left your home.

We use our extensive network to source the best supplies for clients. This is part of customer satisfaction. There are many options available, so you can choose the best option for your taste and budget. While you can choose as many colours or patterns as you like for your floors, countertops and walls, we recommend that you consider the durability of these materials.

Our team has the experience to complete even simple finish basement projects faster. The observance and follow-through of the correct procedures will guarantee your satisfaction. No step will be skipped.

Planning is key to finishing your downstairs project. Prior to drywall being put up, it is necessary that both the interior and exterior of your lower level are watertight. We will inspect this and, if required, can install a reliable sump-pump or dehumidifier.

Our company keeps up to date with current trends. This includes using the best project management tools and technological innovation. This allows us to complete our work as quickly and efficiently as possible, without having to compromise on quality.


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We can transform your basement into a fun, relaxing space that you and your family can enjoy with their friends, colleagues, or families. We will still ensure that the room is compliant with the building codes as well the zoning and remodeling regulations.